How the New Age Gamers Coping Up with the Challenging Parenthood?

How the New Age Gamers Coping Up with the Challenging Parenthood?

Today’s parents grew up with the gaming equipment in their homes, and gamers claim that video games are a way to represent a way of life to their friends, and is also a way to feel confident in life. However, last year WHO stated ‘gaming disorder' as a significant syndrome in the International Classification of Diseases. It’s not something to be taken lightly, as it can cause ‘marked distress’ or the inability to act according to a variety of situations, both in personal and professional life. The modern day gaming is indeed a next-level gaming and the addiction is a highly complex element for parents as far as it concerns the growth of the kid as well as the parenting skills.

Does Putting a Restriction Really Help?

Well, playing video games for a few hours can be helpful for relaxation, but exercising, eating healthy and getting enough sleep can make a huge difference to fight tension and anxiety. But, it is required to put a strict time schedule, which shows how long gaming parents should be playing every day as parents have certain responsibilities, such as taking care of the kid as well as themselves.

Modern Gaming World

Nowadays, the online games are evolving tremendously and teaming up with a complete stranger who lives on the other side of the planet can gain enough experience and idea about the world. Joining others from across the globe will obviously create conflicts and the absence of adults to turn those experiences into positive experiences. Social world is scary as the right vocabulary won’t be used in the high-level e-sports teams. There will be lot of calling out targets and making decisions about the strategies in the chats and also by the voice.

How Gaming Helps Grow the Kids?

Gaming can definitely bring positive traits, such as succeeding, focusing, learning, playing by rules, problem-solving, ideas on strategy and collaborating, which are extremely crucial in adulthood. The kids these days need certain preparation before entering the highly digitized world of smart phones, gaming consoles and others.

Playing video games with your kids will have a positive impact on the adolescent development and long-term family outcomes. Video games can be an opportunity to open a healthy, funny conversation with the kids. Talking to them and having conversations about their favourite games will make the relationship grow stronger, which leads to a happy family. It can be really tricky for the new age parents to balance the family responsibilities and personal hobbies.

It’s clear that video games are not turning extinct any sooner. Video games create happy atmospheres, improving family bonding and develop essential skills, which turn to be the ultimate factors for a happy family. Trying to find the right balance can do wonders to a family and there is no need to hesitate to buy a gaming console for children.