How the cloud will change in the future


How the cloud will change in the future

The cloud is basically a place where we can remotely access our files. Future events cannot always be accurately predicted, but recurring patterns can be observed and projected. In a nutshell, the cloud is going to change in one major way; it will be widely accessible to normal, everyday people at a very low cost unlike today where the cloud is majorly used by businesses.

So, what will the future be like? Let us write out the future today. By the year 2056 at least, the cloud and the IoT(Internet of Things) will have consolidated to form a very powerful and efficient ecosystem- unlike anything we have seen before in the past millennia. I imagine life will be easier then, right from when you wake up to when you come back to sleep.

We will have smart alarms which, from the data we enter in our Calendar in our cloud, will know when and how we want to be woken up. When on live, it will remain silent unless told otherwise- because it knows you need to get some rest. When we work out, our fitness trackers will update our cloud on how much progress we have made. This data will be used to make up-to date and precise diet recommendations with regard to what our body needs at the time.

Online collaboration among peers and businesses will be extensive. This will blur the 9-5 working hours to “work wherever and whenever you want to, but get the work done on time” hours in most companies. Warren G. Bennis, professor of Business Administration & advisor to President Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy, famously said “The factory of the future will have only two employees, a man and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to keep the man from touching the equipment”

It will change how we travel. It will generate travel suggestion based on your bucket list vacation places, your schedule in the cloud calendar and the amount of savings in your online bank account. We will be able to accomplish more in our short lives. It will safely store for you all the big moments you will have captured using your camera or mobile device. Even the little ones too.

According to Markflair, Inc., to create a super company of this future, you will have to build relationships with customers and cover them like a run with service. Not regular service, not good service, but outrageous service. You’d have to anticipate their needs when you could and you’d have to rush like a SWAT team when they ask you for anything else.

And when the time comes for this change to happen you’ll know. You’ll know why it didn’t come any sooner. You’ll know that it is time to accept it as our own. You’ll just know. It will be an “Aha! I need that” moment. The cloud will serve us in every possible way. And then serve us some more, in all the impossible ways. And that is how the cloud will change in the future; from serving businesses to serving us, the everyday people.

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