Google Duo Letting Users Share Photos

Google Duo Letting Users Share Photos

 Google Duo has finally got a new feature to include images -- Version 56 -- which is now partially live and allows users to send Snapchat-like single photos to their contacts.

"Released on Thursday, version 56 of Google Duo adds the application to Android's system share sheet, including in Google Photos and Files. This allows users to message any saved photo on their device via Duo.

"Once in the app, you have access to the same tools as when sending a video message. This includes drawing and adding text with multiple colours and sizes available. An image can then be simultaneously sent to multiple Duo contacts," 9to5Google reported on Sunday.

Since Google has shut Allo down and with Hangouts seemingly more focused towards enterprise users, we suppose it makes sense that the tech giant would want to bring some messaging-like features to Duo as well.

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Source: IANS