Fingers Crossed, We Want Android Neyyappam

BENGALURU: At the Google I/O 2016, the tech behemoth gave it up for the public to choose a name for the latest version of its Android, which when following the traditional alphabetic order the company embraced, should start with N.  It appears, the Indian folks, especially the Keralites have taken the opportunity to #NameAndroidN with Neyyappam – a traditional Kerala snack. A Twitter handle as well as a dedicated website has been generated to support the motion. The Kerala tourism board promoted the move while @AndroNeyyappam is the twitter account backed by #Neyyappam, #WeWantNeyyappam hash tags. Android Nariyal Barfi, Android Nan Khatai are other popular suggestions based on Indian Sweets.

Apparently, Bangalore based Android user and PHP developer Arun Kumar, initiated the stir which has become more of a trend in social media. Although Google reserves the right to pick the final name, it appears to have felt the waves given a sticker with bold letters ‘Neyyappam’ stands tall on the official page for submitting suggestions. Judging based on an analogue perception it could be predicted that ‘Nuts+Nachos’ and ‘Navy Bean’ are other suggesting gaining support. The page is reportedly open to suggestions until June 9th, 12:29 PM.

Interactive notifications, multiple window support for multi tasking, smarter power saving features through project Doze and Svelte, integration with Daydream: Google’s VR initiative, etc. are some of the few notable features that Android N would boast. Not to mention incorporating the company’s new stance on privacy and encryption, its AI powered chatting platforms, BYOD friendliness etc. to name a few.

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