Digitization - A Growing Opportunity for India

Digitization - A Growing Opportunity for India

C IT has become the back­bone for all small and large scale companies. We all are provided with the set of tasks as per the role defined in the organization but somewhere or other IT has be­come binding force in joining all the departments and all the employees of the company which may be through the intranet portals stating the events like birthdays or work anniversaries of employees or financial information through ERP or medical information through LIMS or nevertheless sales- CRM information through CRM or it could be the company information to outer world through websites. IT plays a major role for each and every department.

With the change in era from IT being recognized as a major key player taking care of Infra and Net­works to business IT; IT has become more visible within and outside the organization.

Business Process re-engineering has become of the biggest need for all companies wherein we actually as IT team understand each and every pro­cess of company till ground level and map the same in our systems. With technology being on its boom, we can best use of available resources by analyzing their productivity on day to day basis with monthly or yearly trends with the help of self-driven analytics tools readily available. This not only helps company to make de­cisions on the basis of exact numbers but the basic trend of rating people on face values becomes an obsolete method. Availability of MIS and dashboards to employees help them in self-analysis of their productivity and their managers to actually boost and work on the corrective actions as part of their daily routine whereas availability of dashboards to business heads or higher management regard­ing their business will help in taking right decisions at right time with sin­gle version of truth floating through the company.

Digitization is indeed helpful in saving our ecosystem as well as most of the organizations are today mov­ing towards Go Green or Paperless organization; this on the one hands helps a lot in saving trees which could affect all of us globally and on the oth­er hand helps organizations to save a lot of cost which is being wasted on paper printing and in turn logistics cost to deliver that paper in form of reports or invoices or it could be storing that paper which again con­sumes lot of space and can be stored digitally now.

Lastly, if we talk about the cus­tomer - who is the biggest asset for the company, actually are more in touch with the company if they are being shared proactive data and de­tails related to their normal queries being raised often. We can actually create a big ‘WOW’ for customers who will in turn bring in lot many other customers if treated well with full transparency of information within the system.