Digitalization for Clarity within the Indian Organizations

Digitalization for Clarity within the Indian Organizations

In the social space outside the enterprise, the com­mon man at large is mo­bile. (He) is on social plat­form (and) is using tools that deployed on cloud and has access to analytics. But in the enterprise we are carrying forward legacy applications and it takes time for the enterprise to embrace digi­tization and digital transformation (given that there are multiple de­pendencies on this).

So yes, this is a motion that is in progress, some of the things that I can say from the perspec­tive of HGS is that the technolo­gy team has it in their shot term road map to move on to the cloud (and) provide SaaS based analyti­cal offerings for all our functions– be it HR, finance and operations. We want to ensure that every em­ployee has access to mobile appli­cations which help them in their day to day work and put them on a collaborative platform where they can interact with their peers and fellow employees.

Digitization through Mobility, IoT, AI and Machine learning driv­en technology are creating more possibilities to personalize cus­tomer interactions and gain more consumer insights. We can see innovation is happening today as we speak. We have evolved from a physical information center for meeting customer requirements to a help desk to an IVR to online self help, where consumer can solve his or her problems through self help available on portals. So innovation has come a long in reducing the dependency on humans and also improving the time lag towards meeting a customer requirement or addressing a client issue and this is not something that can be done only for improving the experience of the external customer. Virtu­al reality as a brand ambassador is possible.

There is a need to strike a bal­ance on information over load; we deal with a lot of structured data and unstructured data. We capture transactions which are more in the form of voice – that is really the un­structured data that entails us in pro­viding us the data points to further work on the information (issue). So with various systems integrating not just within the enterprise but also outside enterprise, there is also lot of intelligence available outside the en­terprise on subject matters that we want analyze within our operations.

Automation to Bring Non-Linearity in IT Space

From testing savants to intelligent bots, IT services companies are moving towards AI & automation to take over mundane and repetitive tasks. Automation is not something that happened yesterday. It had set stage the day the first super computer was innovated. So we have progressed a long way from having a paper based opera­tion in all our functions – in the context of an enterprise. We have moved to a digital environment. ITES indus­try looks has been introduced to bring about business process transformation – that is the business process of­ferings we offer where we streamline business processes and improve existing processes.

Zero Wastage of Consumer Data

Every organization is very sensitive to sharing their consumer data (that’s what they hold closest to their heart). As service providers if we want to build some intelligence around the transactions that we have – there are opportunities of deriving co-relations between our services providers, our agents who service our clients re­quests be it inbound call or outbound call with the client who has raised it.

Our scope of visibility to the customer is restricted to the information we bear about the customer. The model that we built will be richer if we are privy to customer information. So that really is the tipping point and if clients are able to work out a format in which patterns of customer interactions [that they maintain in their CRM] are made available to the predictive modeling engines that are run through our data sciences lab (at their own shop or at the service provider shop) it will help the customers gain more insights on what are their client behavior patterns and then service them better.

Digitization is the corner­stone of enterprise IT trans­formation initiatives. At the primary, we have certain strategic imperatives, some of our primary programs that we plan to achieve in this year is an integrated enterprise IT suite that will service every single employee consistently using a SaaS model, provide services on their mobile app and provide the right analyt­ics on their respective areas at their doorstep – be it providing based on the profile of the user, providing them an email, pro­viding them periodic statistics on their performance that will help them to better themselves in their job, providing them a portal where they can drop all their ana­lytics. So SMAC is our prime most focus in our digital transformation en­deavors for HGS.