Comparison Of Top Online Backup Services

Do you back up your files religiously, at regular intervals? If that kind of organization just isn’t in you, then try out a online backup service. It’s fast and incredibly efficient, allowing you to store files on the cloud and restore them on your PC, should they go missing. With your files on the cloud, you could access them whenever and wherever you are, whether through your laptop, tablet or mobile.

Before you go and start your search, here are 4 pointers from to help you figure out what to look for in a backup service:

Invest in the Right One from the Get-Go

If you have a business, one thing you’ve got to realize is this: it will grow. That’s inevitable. Your backup service needs will grow too as your team, inventory and business expands. That’s why getting a backup service requires careful consideration. The backup service you choose is hopefully going to be the service you’ll work with for the next few years. So you better make every effort to get it right from the get go.Know What You Can Do With the Service

Backup service companies allow different types of files to be backed up. Some make the decision for you, choosing, encrypting and uploading files you’re likely to pick and send to your cloud storage. Others, though, won’t start until you pick out the files you need from your PC. However, not all backup service programs run the same. Some won’t work with your system and program files, while others won’t allow you to back up data if they spring from network drives. So before you pick out a service, ask about these details specifically. This way, it’s easy to find out if that service meets your needs or not. And if it’s a no-go, there are plenty of other choices you can explore out there so no worries.

Be Sure It’s SecureMost services protect your files through encryption, with the help of systems like the AES or Blowfish. So if you want solid protection and privacy for your most sensitive data, there are service options that allow for only one person to know the password: that’s you. And it won’t be uploaded anywhere on the cloud to help protect your privacy. For data that’s even more sensitive, you could go for CrashPlan where you get to use and keep a password solely for unlocking the encryption, one separate from your main account password. The downside to this? The minute you forget or lose your passphrase, you’ll have a hard time getting back into the system to access your data. If you think those options are risky, or if you constantly forget your password, try for other choices that won’t lock you out of your own account the second your password falls through the cracks.

Examine Ease of Recovery

Bells and whistles won’t do you a lot of good if the backup service you choose fails to make life easier for you. Recovery time, for one, is a major concern. Does it help you find files easily? Can you restore lost data relatively quickly? If your service isn’t built with the best user experience in mind, you might want to look for another system that allows you to work faster and better.

Top Picks for Your Backup Service

Now that you have an idea of what to look out for, here’s a list of online backup services culled from

IDrive. This one tops the list. It checks on all the best features: low price, high storage capacity of 1T. It also packs along other treats like syncing, continuous backup and local backup.

CrashPlan. While this one doesn’t have all the shiny perks of IDrive, it’s a solid entry on the list with is safety feature. It’s unique selling proposition is that, while it allows you to use the service’s online storage to back up your files, it also makes it possible for you to store data on a local storage or computer so long as both are connected to the Internet. With speedy uploads and a great-looking interface, this is one backup service you should definitely consider.

BackBlaze. Restoring files with this service is fast and easy, but it only works from the BackBlaze site so it takes a bit of getting used to. File encryption features are good and you can add another layer of security with a password. Also, you don’t get to choose which files and folders to back up, BackBlaze backs everything up though you could specific which ones you want to exclude from that.

Acronis. Available without the cloud-storage option so you can use it to create backup files anywhere. Upload speeds are fast. However, when restoring files, you’ll need an empty external drive where you could save the bootable restore file, which isn’t exactly handy.

These are just 4 of the best online backup services recommended by Cloud Kompare. Explore more options. Don’t stop looking until you find the backup service that’s ideal for all your storage needs.

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