Comcast to Go Wireless In 2017

BENGALURU: The cable provider giant Comcast is in its innovations Lab, getting ready for the big next step to move into the world of wireless communications. To create a new line of business, the company is aiming to launch the wireless services by mid of the coming year.

Brian Roberts, Comcast Corp. Chief Executive at Goldman Sachs investor conference revealed that the new product will exploit the company’s Wi-Fi hotspots. The new wireless system will make use of airwaves from Verizon communications Inc by utilizing the deal with Verizon that allows the cable company to sell wireless services using the telecom carrier’s network.  

Even though initially limited to areas of the country where Comcast is a cable provider, the new initiative will be a strong competition to carriers like Verizon and AT&T. The company has long looked at mobile service as another potential way to grow its business.

Comcast could get more ambitious, and that the initial processes might be just the first step in a bigger plan to compete as Comcast is currently participating in a government auction of wireless airwaves, which could be used to build a network. The company also revealed that they are in discussions with several other video streaming providers to integrate their services. Adding up the wireless service on to the cable bill can make some savings for Comcast customers also.

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