Cloud Is The Ultimate Enabler and Accelerator, Says Mehta

Cloud Is The Ultimate Enabler and Accelerator, Says Mehta

In the ever evolving tech­nology world, the last few years have been remarkable where innovation and busi­ness dynamics have pushed boundaries and changed or rather scrapped many traditional ways. With new generation patching in with next gen ideas and the trend towards entrepreneurship in addi­tion to government drive for startup India has made a huge difference. New ideas, fund limitations with startup and continuous pressure on break even along with successful de­livery has pushed innovation to next level. And yes, cloud has done it all! Cloud has changed the landscape en­abling the setup of businesses in no time without a hefty capital giving wings to entrepreneurial thought.

Break through Platforms

Today, AWS (Amazon Web Servic­es), Azure among many other plat­forms are providing opportunity to young entrepreneurs and launched their ventures with minimum in­vestments assuring all technology needs are addressed by platforms which includes IAAS (infrastruc­ture as a service), PAAS (platform as a service) and SAAS (software as a service) all together. Thanks to the services which have given wings to the break through business ideas which could have taken years but will now be delivered in minutes without upfront investment. Today, as we speak of any aspect of technol­ogy one can only think of cloud as it fosters the essential trait- ‘think out of the box’. It allows one to think beyond boundaries, for in present times, any thing that can be imagined can definitely be implemented and executed with the available platform. Today, 90 percent of the infrastruc­ture, applications and other services are introduced on cloud. All large social media, media (movies, audio, pictures, storage) delivery platforms are operating on cloud. And there is no looking back now.

Bottle necks in Cloud

However, few concerns related to security in cloud have been raised. If operated and configured right along with continual monitoring and care­ful observation, all application will stay protected. This is the basic prin­ciple which we apply to our lives, while we all use credit cards, net banking and many other facilities based on online privacy principle. In addition, there are many third party tools available in the market to protect data in addition to inbuilt fa­cility provided by cloud service pro­viders themselves. Today, when we surf the net or make any attempt to access shopping portals or most mo­bile applications, nearly all of them are hosted on cloud.

The Eventual Destination

In conclusion, one has to remember that this is a continuous improve­ment cycle. Today it is pertinent for all to regularly install patches to the servers hosted either on premise and other similar models to stay protect­ed. If one fails to do so, he/she will surely be hacked no matter where the servers are. Nevertheless today, most corporates are using cloud. Who ev­er has managed to refrain from the implementation of this technology so far will join the rest- be it sooner or later!