Best Security Apps For Your Smartphone

Kaspersky Mobile Security:

This security company for software is not a new one but one that is trusted by many companies. The Kaspersky security allows you to keep check what others can see on your phone, helps to find your phone when it goes missing, and the best part filters unwanted calls and texts. This is like an all in one app. So if you want to keep annoying people or company texts at bay then this is the app to go for.

Norton Security Antivirus:

The app from Norton Mobile scans every app that you download. It protects the phone from viruses, theft, malware and loss. This app is incredibly helpful in case you lose your phone since it lets you send a customized message to the person who had it. The app also allows you to block calls and messages that are unwanted.

Lookout Security & Antivirus:

This app is interesting since it locates the position of a lost phone on Google maps. All that one has to do is log onto and trace the misplaced phone. Wouldn’t you want a phone that can tell you who is trying to steal your phone? Well Lookout Security app does just that. It sends an email of the picture of the person trying to steal your phone and the location of the phone, even if the phone is switched off. So wait no longer, get the app and keep your data and information safe.  

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