ArcBlock Improves Forge Application Framework to Simplify Methods for Blockchain Developers

ArcBlock Improves Forge Application Framework to Simplify Methods for Blockchain Developers

ArcBlock that transforms the way blockchain-enabled applications and services have upgraded the Forge Frameworks, a blockchain application development framework with tools and efficient features for Blockchain developers. Forge Framework took out the limitations of the Blockchain platforms and let developers write code.

Tyr Chen, VP-Engineering, ArcBlock, says, “Not only is building custom blockchains and DApps easy with Forge, we are solving the most challenging problems by getting feedback from our users and providing the tools and services to solve those problems. Whether it's testing their Dapp, writing smart contracts, or performing upgrades, developers Forge Framework will help them be successful”.

The new testing tool, Forge Simulator which simulates traffic, behaviour and load on DApp and Blockchain can be used by developers to start testing with a single click and create their own tests by simplifying the parameters. The system will create 10,000 users on the chain and can use various transaction types including declare, transfer, exchange, account migration and more. With almost 20 transaction protocols, Forge Framework now holds the broadest transaction support of any Blockchain development platform. With the new upgrades, ArcBlock delivers the real-time status on the active transaction protocols, versioning and notifications when an upgrade is needed.

In addition, the developers use a transaction protocol called ‘upgrade_node’ that helps the node when the upgrade takes place of a particular version of the software and the upgrade happens the verification of the software and removal of the previous software version. Forge is already used by a number of partners and clients to design, build and run their decentralized apps and services including the issuance of travel visas and licenses and more.

Founded in 2017, ArcBlock’s mission is to put the power of the Blockchain in developers by easing the development cycle of decentralized applications. ArcBlock also delivers a comprehensive platform that highlights the features like Open Chain Access Protocol that acts as an abstract layer for accessing and using blockchains.


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