Apple iOS 9: 7 Awesome Features To Expect

Stability # Stability

This might be hard to believe from one of the finest OS’s out there, the iOS 7 and 8 did have some problems initially but was later rectified gradually. Probably the new iOS 9 will have no bugs or lags on the OS and will offer good stability.

Sharing files # Sharing Files

One of the major issue of the iPhone users is that you can’t share files as easily as the Android do. An Android phone allows you to share pretty anything where for instance you are watching a video on the phone and share it on Whatsapp, it is very simple. But on the iOS, it is not that simple. Hopefully Apple will keep this mind and improve the sharing capabilities.

Swipe Keyboard# Swipe Keyboard

The iOS 8 supports the 3rd party swipe keyboard adding more to the convenience of the users and was one of the most awaited feature too. On the Android phones, the stock keyboards come with the swipe option. So, the good news is that the iOS 9 might come with Swipe keyboard as standard.

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