Analytics and Associated Data Tech are Core Disruptors, Says Ashitha Mollera

Analytics and Associated Data Tech are Core Disruptors, Says Ashitha Mollera

Internet of Everything

We see businesses exploring all their data to derive the most value from it. It's not just the Internet of Things anymore but rather In­ternet of Anything and Everything that can provide insights & faster ROI. Getting value from data ex­tends beyond sensors and machines and includes all data produced by server logs, geo location, data from the Internet and other new sources. The universe around us is growing smarter at a rapid pace; it’s hard to find a phone that isn’t a smart phone! We have smart watches, smart refrigerators, smart buttons on appliances and smart vehicles. Telematics has enabled us to im­prove not only our awareness but greatly improve efficiency and safety as well. The automobile industry is going through a rapid transforma­tion, smart mobility (smart vehicles) along with telematics and location analysis has completely reinvented how we think and feel about a car or other vehicle. The world is ea­gerly watching Tesla to see how the world’s first driverless car journey starting from a parking lot in LA all the way to New York performs without a single driver touch or human intervention!

Intelligent Data Collection for Smarter Decision Making

Businesses must look beyond the edge of their data centers all the way out to the jagged edge of data. There is a huge opportunity to manage and provide complete data provenance across the ecosystem. IoT creates a new paradigm that requires new thinking and new data management systems, and these solutions will continue to mature and permeate the enterprise in 2017 and years to follow. It is predicted that sensors in the 2020 models of cars with gener­ate as much as 350MB per second and this is more than a few hun­dred times more than what mobile technology can handle today. Intel­ligence is determined not just from the accuracy of the data that is cap­tured from a multitude of sources but more importantly from analyz­ing this massive mound of data to find relevant patterns to help the user make smarter choices and drive better decisions for the business.

Real-Time Analytics

The industry is experiencing the evolution of data in motion plat­forms. There is a need for a higher-level framework that can handle the many device protocols and bring all of the data flows into a distributed platform like Hadoop. The platform needs to facilitate communications in multiple protocol languages. One of the most critical aspects in develop­ing predictive intelligence into con­nected vehicles is location. A new generation of GIS-based real time processing tools for big data is being tested to enable the IoT needs of the future and process hundreds of thou­sands of datasets per second based on location relevance. The combination of data in motion and data at rest is a big opportunity for the coming year.

At Tavant, we are focusing on solving one of the key challenges in the world of big data and advanced analytics to provide relevant data analytics, regardless of the point of origin, size or time the data was generated.