AI-based AntWorks & Everest Group Launches Intelligent Document Processing Playbook

AI-based AntWorks & Everest Group Launches Intelligent Document Processing Playbook

AntWorks, a global provider of Artificial Intelligence and intelligent automation solutions sponsored the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Playbook by Everest Group, a research firm that created this first-of-its-kind guide independently with a technology-agnostic methodology. IDP Playbook will note the adopted RPA solutions and extract data from complex unstructured documents with Machine Learning and enables end-to-end automation of entire business processes.

Sarah Burnett, Executive Vice President & Distinguished Analyst, Everest Group, comments, “The new Everest Group IDP Playbook offers enterprises a methodology to plan and sustain multi-year automation programs for content-centric processes. IDP is still new to many organisations and a comprehensive primer such as the Playbook enables them to visualise and plan a roadmap that answers the questions of what to do next and how to achieve those never-ending efficiency needs and targets”.

To optimize resources and maximize financial returns, organizations follow data-intensive processes and to resolve the challenges, stake holders and businesses embrace Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The IDP Playbook provides the expert advice on the strategies and solutions to true automation success.

Commenting on this, Asheesh Mehra, Co-founder & Group CEO, AntWorks, states, “The bad news is that the technology tool ecosystem is broken, limiting enterprises to task automation. The good news is that the industry is coming to the realisation that straight-through processing requires a clean data set. The IDP Playbook provides a powerful way for enterprises to advance to true process automation”.

Founded in 2015, AntWorks is an organization of steadfast AI enthusiasts that work to make Integrated Intelligent Enterprise Automation Platforms to organizations. With a presence in over 52 countries, AntWorks pushes the thresholds of technology, and transforms business with Digitization, Automation and Enterprise Intelligence. The world’s first and only integrated automation platform (IAP) powered by fractal science principles and pattern recognition knows more about the data type.

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