AI no magic, businesses have to patiently work with it: Microsoft

AI no magic, businesses have to patiently work with it: Microsoft
At a time when Artificial Intelligence (AI) has demonstrated the profound impact it can have on society, the technology is no magic and the outcome of implementing an AI model has a direct correlation to the underlying data that has gone into training it, a top Microsoft executive said on Wednesday.
Building an AI model involves eternal iterations, and the outcome only gets better with new or more data over time.
"Do not expect human parity on day one. Businesses need to invest in the evolution of the model that may take umpteen number of iterations, even before it reaches an acceptable level of accuracy and precision," according to Sandeep Alur, Director, Microsoft Technology Center, India.
By attaining human parity across vision, speech, and text, AI has the potential to have a significant impact on business outcomes.
"For organisations that are still trying to figure out their AI journey, they have to be realistic, invest in the evolution of an AI model, set guardrails for responsible AI and establish trust," Alur said in a statement.
Microsoft has identified six principles for responsible AI that guide the development and use of AI with people at the centre.
These are - fairness, reliability and safety, privacy and security, inclusiveness, transparency and accountability.
"Organisations may develop their own principles according to the nature of their business, but the guiding principles will ensure that their AI models are trustworthy," said Alur.
Implementing AI in an organisation needs business and technology leaders to invest in defining an operating manifesto to uplift the spirit of responsible AI, he added.
Source: IANS