Agritech Startups are Using Technology In the Distressed Farming Sector

Agritech Startups are Using Technology In the Distressed Farming Sector

India is the land of agriculture and about 58 percent of the country’s population rely on agriculture as their primary source of livelihood and is contributing about 15 percent of the country’s GDP. But, as the nation progressed people switched their profession. However, technological advancement has ventured into farming in the form of agritech or agrotech. These agritech startups have the potential to empower millions of Indians as well as help the country’s farming. According to the EY report, the agritech market is expected to reach $24 billion by 2025.

Indian farmers still depend on the monsoon for the yielding thus, the agritech startup has introduced smart farming technologies inducing various technological advancements that could enhance the country's agriculture and make it more profitable. Using these technologies the startups could aid the farmers in analyzing the required condition for the crops to grow such as ambient temperature, dew point rainfall, humidity, and more. Alongside, it also aids the farmers in deciding the kind of seedlings to be used and the right proportion to be sown.

Apart from these issues, controlling the pest is the crucial problem of every farmer. This, the technology utilization would also provide the guidelines for the farmers to predict and help in controlling the pest attacks and protecting the crop yielding. These technologies assist the farmers to get access to quality seeds and bring them in direct contact with the experts to buy the best quality seeds and eliminate the unwanted middlemen who would charge a lot of money.

Escalates Sales

The technology has also come as the rescue measure for Indian farmers, it aids in marketing the yields on the application such as A-Bani app that enable them to sell their harvest using this app avoiding the unnecessary middlemen. This feature has worked best even during the lockdown when the entire nation was under strict lockdown, the food production was crucial for all of us to sustain. Using these applications the farmers could sell their harvest directly to the consumers which would aid them in gaining full profits as the percentage commission given to the middlemen could be saved this would majorly benefit the farmers and help them to further expand their farming work.

Virtual Networking

Using virtual calling the farmers could build a network and among the other farmers as well as the customers. With this technology, the many farmers claim that their team has sold more than 20,000 tonnes of products within a period of two months. It is said that the harvest such as grapes from Bengaluru, papaya from Chhattisgarh, avocados from Nilgiris, and more have been sold through the social media campaign. Thus, these technologies have relieved various farmers’ tension of selling their harvests. Many agritech are helping the farmers to sell the farmers produce through Gaia Agritech and many such startups also are owing agricultural technologies.

Technology Invasion Reduces Cost and Wastage

Technology such as artificial intelligence assists the farmers in cutting down the wastage of farm harvest. The agritech startups are using AI to minimize the chances of farm harvest spoilage, especially during the supply chain. It provides the necessary temperature condition and other issues that rots the farm produce. Furthermore, it provides the application that connects the farmers directly to the consumers and streamlines the other procedures such as inventory management, supply-demand forecast, and analytics, and more. The apps help in predicting the customer demands and release the supply accordingly thus, cuts down the farm produce wastage. 

Therefore, the agritech startup and the technologies invasion are certainly relieving the distressed farming sector.