AE Venture's Global Starfleet Program is Making its Way to India

AE Venture's Global Starfleet Program is Making its Way to India

The investment company, AE Ventures, which offers initial funding, acceleration, and advisory support to the blockchain projects, has intended to bring down its Global Starfleet Program to Bangalore, India.   

"India is home to a fast-growing ecosystem of blockchain developers and entrepreneurs, and we're excited to support this network with our Global Starfleet Program. The Starfleet program gives entrepreneurs access to a global network of mentors, funding, and knowledge; something that is truly priceless to startup founders," says Nikola Stojanow, CEO, AE Ventures.             

Global Starfleet program would serve as a global accelerator for all the blockchain startup companies.  The AE Venture's idea of introducing this program to the Indian market would bring in several opportunities for the blockchain developer communities in India, making the country hold the position next to the USA globally. The blockchain companies which successfully complete this program would be eligible for AE Ventures' direct investment.   

This Starfleet program would initiate with a weeklong boot camp, and it will be followed by a rigorous training program for a duration of four weeks. The companies taking part in this program would be mentored and guided by the experts from the startup and blockchain arena. The program would offer workshops, presentations, discussions, assignments designed. These are inculcated to pass on the practical knowledge to the companies, to help them develop the appropriate blockchain products with real-world applications. 

The AE Ventures team would be coming down to India in November this year. It intends to step into the blockchain ecosystem in association with IBC Media, a marketing solutions firm for startup technology companies. It has supported several blockchain and AI companies through its strong growth services. Furthermore, the company has hosted the International Blockchain Congress, the largest blockchain conference in Asia.

"India is at the cusp of a blockchain boom, and AE Ventures' entry into the market couldn't have been timed better. Over the past decade, we have seen several world-class startups come from India. Several second and third-time entrepreneurs are starting blockchain-based companies, and I foresee a repeat of the SaaS and eCommerce boom with blockchain in India. We are stoked to be playing a part in this movement, especially with the association of a global player like AE Ventures," says Raghu Mohan, CEO, IBC Media, commenting on the venture.