AASI Launches Asia's Only 5th Generation - VR Based Simulator Centre at Chennai

AASI Launches Asia's Only 5th Generation - VR Based Simulator Centre at Chennai

At Automobile Association of Southern India Centre (AASI), Rtn. G. Chandramohan, Rotary Governor, Rotary International District 3232 launched Asia’s first 5th Generation – Virtual Reality based Advanced Driver Training Simulator Centre with the presence of T.D Sadasivam, Chairman and other Executive Committee members of AASI. In addition, they also launched ‘Safe Drivers Campaign’ which offers free training programs for 200 ambulance drivers.

Commenting on the launch, T.D Sadasivam, Chairman, AASI, says, “It is imperative that a change has to be initiated in the society. As an organization that carries the legacy since the early 1900s, we always encourage and approve of ideas and products that will create this change. This Driving Simulator is the need of the hour and together, AASI and Red Chariots Technologies will instil the importance of road safety in the society”.

Developed by Chennai based Red Chariots Technologies, the patent simulator was developed by a team of 12 engineers and it took close to three years to develop the hardware and software emulating the Indian driving standards and road conditions. The centre at Anna Salai serves as the technology development centre and will strive to create such riveting solutions to ensure road safety.

For an eight-minute session that costs 100, the existing drivers can use the simulator to learn the advanced techniques of driving and implement in the driving routine. The session is a combination of level-based practical learning modules coupled with self-learning theory modules, and this session helps the drivers to anticipate adverse situations on road and make safe decisions with minimum to no risk for self and general public on road.

D.V Vinod Gopal, Director, Red Chariots Technologies, says, “This idea germinated and developed as a result of the daily mishaps on road due to lack of systematic training and the burning need to bridge the gap between knowing about road safety and making it a way of life. On this momentous day, we are delighted to announce that we shall be collaborating with various organizations to train 200 ambulance drivers free of cost. This will mark the beginning of an impactful journey. The key objective of this innovation is to reduce on-road fatalities, make Indian roads safer and add ‘More Smiles Per Mile”.

After the registration, trainee will have a 45 seconds demo level and it gives the trainee the time to get used to the driving simulator and the immersive environment of Virtual Reality. The levels start after the demo experience and each module takes three minutes and the software was designed considering the Indian road scenarios in mind. The trainees will be given a report on their performances, strengths, scope and rules they have followed and how many road etiquettes they adhered to and the overall behaviour on road. 

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