A Walkthrough of the New Bosch's Smart Campus "Spark.NXT"

A Walkthrough of the New Bosch's Smart Campus

Bosch is well-known in India as a leading provider of technology and services in the areas of Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, Energy and Building Technology. Bosch established its manufacturing operation in India during 1951, and it has since grown to include 16 manufacturing sites, seven development and application centres.

On June 30th, Bosch unveiled its new smart campus in Bangalore, which can hold a capacity of  around 10,000 employees. The infrastructure is named as Spark.NXT which  is a brand-new 76-acre smart campus. Over the last five years, Bosch has invested Rs 800 crore in the development of this new campus, which includes multiple smart solutions based on security, sustainability, and user experience. PM Narendra Modi virtually inaugurated Bosch India's new "smart" campus in Bengaluru.

Soumitra Bhattacharya, managing director of Bosch Limited and president of the Bosch Group, India, said: "With our new Spark.NXT campus, the company continues to invest in smart and sustainable solutions that are 'Invented for life' and supports the government's vision for an Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Bosch is expanding its AIoT activities in India by transforming its headquarters in Adugodi, Bengaluru. This smart  infrastructure was developed by using AI, IoT, automation, and digitalization capabilities in order to move towards the future of work. Over the last two years, it has also trained over 10,000 associates as part of a comprehensive reskilling initiative.

Here are some of the most recent details about Bosch smart inventions for the new campus-:

Adoption of a Hybrid Work Model Known As 'Smart Work'

Bosch has implemented a hybrid work model in which employees report to work only 2-3 times per week as businesses reintroduce employees to the workplace. Employees can reserve a seat or desk in advance on the Bosch campus, which was designed with flexible workspaces in mind. In the hybrid work regime, daily attendance at the campus would be 70%, resulting in a 20% reduction in real estate costs.

Simplify the Visitor’s Process with Interactive Visitor Management System (VMS)

The user-friendly dashboard of the visitor management software provides receptionists with a quick overview of past and upcoming appointments to help receptionists and security managers to organize their day. They can see the number of expected and checked-in visitors and visitors to check out. Having this information at hand ensures an efficient reception process and a smooth visitor experience.

Visitor management is viewed as a crucial component for organisations in terms of enhancing the visitor experience and security. To carry out this vision, the Adugodi campus developed a smart visitor management kiosk that forgoes conventional visitor management procedures in favour of automating the visitor journey by supplying the campus with a smart visitor management system (VMS).

Get rid of all manual interactions by using-: The Smart Incident Management Solution

Sometimes managing all these smart components can be an issue. If any of these components of the facility such as the lighting, the air conditioning, parking, visitor management or even finding their way out has an issue, the teams are flooded with endless queries making daily operations difficult. Endless calls, connects, finding the issue, identifying the solution provider could result in the issue itself not being resolved on-time.

The Smart Incident Management solution from Bosch will significantly reduce this manual reliance on facilities. A virtual helpdesk, Smart Incident Management System, will ensure that all alerts generated by these campus components which are intelligently classified, tickets are created, and correctly routed to the correct component owner. Not only that, but it also ensures that these alerts are accompanied by an intelligent set of trained recommendations, allowing the solution provider to quickly browse through the existing solution set. If the solution does not exist, the solution provider will enter it, and these resolutions will be further trained for the future.

Introducing the SMART Parking Solution-: PARK ZEUS

 The smart parking solution Park ZEUS offers a seamless parking experience for both employees and visitors, reducing manual security efforts by 50%. The vehicle-free campus, which will only allow electric vehicles, going forward will also have an experience centre and Bosch’s flagship stores. 

Park Zeus is a cutting-edge solution for corporates that prioritises employee convenience, increased productivity, and safety. It attempts to eliminate issues such as inefficient parking for a fleet of cabs, a lack of parking space for executives, inefficient visitor parking management, time lost to parking, inefficient utilization of parking slots, and nighttime parking space misuse.

(BIANCA) -: Enhance Associate Well-Being and Comfort by Creating Personalized Microclimates

The primary goal of BIANCA is to transform the existing system into an intelligent solution by utilising the available infrastructure. The BMS/HVAC system gathered data from multiple sensing points, which BIANCA then used to personalise the microclimate for increased productivity and energy efficiency. The user comfort interface is linked to the webpage in order to collect thermal comfort feedback in open office spaces and create customised comfort profiles for office occupants. The initial feedback received via the website will be used to establish an energy consumption baseline.

 The main benefits of this solution are that it maximizes associate thermal comfort by providing personalized microclimates that follow the associate based on thermal preferences. This results in two major advantages for Bosch: increased associate productivity and lower energy costs as a result of HVAC usage optimizations. In this connected smart campus, BIANCA is tightly integrated with Flexi Booking by creating zones and making it simple for associates to choose their workspace based on temperature preferences.

Monitor The Pollution levels with:- Air Quality Monitoring System

People's quality of life is becoming increasingly dependent on air quality. Air pollution is currently one of the most serious global environmental issues. Today, India has 21 of the world's top 30 most polluted cities. In fact, there are 122 cities in India that do not meet the prescribed annual ambient air quality standards. In today's world, air pollution is regarded as one of the major causes of adverse health effects.

Bosch’s motto “Invented for life” also involves an extensive commitment to improve air quality. Air Quality Monitoring System actively measures pollutants. The system transmits air quality data via LTE to the cloud. The data is made available via front end and API. With our solution, in depth insights regarding air quality can be provided. This allows facility management to demonstrate the value of spending quality time inside the campus.

Innovations for a Smarter Future

Today, a tidal wave of megatrends, such as rapid globalisation and technological advances, is generating new market forces. In such an environment, innovation is crucial for any organization to survive and thrive. However, innovation is no longer limited to the creation of value for individuals, organizations, or societies. The ultimate goal of Bosch smart innovations is much broader, assisting in the creation of a smart future in which people can enjoy the highest possible quality of life.