Windows 10 Features: 9 Things That Are Sure To Be Listed

BANGALORE: Microsoft is the world’s largest software maker and also one of the most valuable companies that have the potential to stir the market uprisings. Technological innovation were never less or below par from the software giant, but to stand up to the increasing competition in market the company is driving in to new routes, reports BI.

Ever since its announcement of Windows 10 rather than the Windows 8.1 update version or 9, Microsoft has been the hot topic in software circles as to what ‘new’ it has in store to turn the world’s attention to it. The project was accompanied with other releases signaling that they will be a part of the update but not any of them have received any official confirmation. So basing on the tech features Microsoft has in store here are some of them that are highly expected to make to the list of Windows 10.


Cortana, known to be Microsoft’s digital assistant will be the first and foremost feature expected to be incorporated in Windows 10. Simmering it in the upgrade the sync will be perfect for mobile, tab or laptop. Cortana will respond to your commands via desktop also which is missing in Apple’s Siri and with it made compatible to work with Android and iOS it will let you keep the existing phone other than going for a Windows Phone which is compatible with it.


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