Using AI in Business Requires Deeper Knowledge: CompTIA Survey

Using AI in Business Requires Deeper Knowledge: CompTIA Survey

The rising confusion over the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has led to the slowdown of its application in the Business world that was used to improvise the internal processes and enhance customer experience using AI. CompTIA, a trade association for the global technology industry, carried out a survey: ‘Emerging Business Opportunities in AI’, and according to its reports, 24 percent of firms have responded affirmatively for the usage of AI in their Business.

According to the survey, only 19 percent of the companies claim to have expertise over AI, while other 29 percent say to possess moderately high knowledge. With the growing availability of technical expertise and familiarity with software development, the organizations have played a vital role in the development of modern digital architecture of AI.

Seth Robinson, Senior Director, Technology Analysis, CompTIA, says, “Artificial intelligence represents a new way of thinking about software.” He further states, “We're no longer asking computers to produce a defined result every time, but to produce an undefined result based on general rules. Understanding this difference can be challenging, especially when most businesses are not actively developing their own AI algorithms.” 

When it comes to the potential uses of AI, the survey states, 52 percent of companies focus on improving workflow, 51 percent on analyzing large datasets, 48 percent on enhancing the customer experience and 47 percent on security monitoring and detection, while traditional IT viewpoint of cutting costs has led the list of AI benefits. 

According to Seth, “AI can help with cost savings, but the greater potential lies in opening new doors, Companies that are approaching AI as an IT activity should consider its far-reaching implications and move towards a more collaborative model. AI is a topic that should involve the entire organization.”

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