Upcoming Gizmos That Will Blow Your Mind In 2015

BANGALORE: “A gadget is small machine that has a particular function” this is what can be defined for a gadget but in our terms it comes to “a daily life need which is next to breathing”. We are surrounded by gadgets and use them to make our work feasible. With advent in technology coming a long way from reading a map to hearing directions; these tools are yet to get to undergo another phase. 2015 a day away, here are some tech gizmos to expect in the next year, reports by Rediff.

Smart watches and fitness bands: Already in market are some smart watches ready in application with handheld compatibility, so with all the other biggies to follow the most anticipated one is the Apple Watch which will strap on to users in the next year.

Being tech savvy the next gen is also fitness emphasized, so we can expect a lot of fitness bands and brands trying out wearable and bearable ones.

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