Twitter rolls out the new Bookmarks feature in iOS, Android devices and Web Version

Twitter, announced that it launched the Bookmark feature globally and with this, users can save the tweets they like and might want to revisit and share. The users will be able to bookmark a tweet, share via DirectMessage, or Share off of twitter any number of ways using their new “share” icon on every Tweet.

To improve user experience, Twitter has been working on adding some new features which includes  the increase of character-count to 280, creating new Twitter Moments for easy access to breaking news and now company has announced that it added a new feature called ‘Bookmark’ and enhancing share modes. This helps the users to get back to a tweet, for later reading.

"Because we put all sharing actions together in one place, it's easier to save and share privately or publicly -- in the moment, or later," Jesar Shah, Product Manager at Twitter, said in a blog post.  

To Bookmark a tweet, tap the ‘share’ icon under the tweet and select, ‘Add Tweet to Bookmarks’. To find it later, tap ‘Bookmarks” from your profile icon menu. You can remove tweets from your Bookmarks at any time, and also only you view what you’ve bookmarked.

“We tweeted on-going updates as we built Bookmarks so we could incorporate your input as we worked. By working this way, we learned that you like to save replies so you can answer later and that you may share a Tweet hours or days later after you've bookmarked it," Shah said.

Earlier, in October 2017, Twitter had announced that it is developing a Bookmarking feature to save tweets. Also, this is available in iOS and Android, Twitter Lite and

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