Samsung Smart Tvs Will Soon Get PS Now In 2015

BANGALORE: Sony and Samsung are joining forces to unleash the ultimate tidbit for gamers: PlayStation games that devoid the use of a PlayStation on Samsung smart TVs. Users that have the Samsung's Internet-connected TV and are also hooked up with a Sony Dualshock controller can game from the Web straight to the TV without the call for a PlayStation console, where over 200 PS3 games can be obtained. Owners of Samsung Smart TVs in U.S. and Canada will soon have access by the first half of 2015, reports Cnet.

Downloading will soon be ineffective once Games are streamed from the cloud. However, only a fast Internet connection can do justice to the game. In addition, gaming online is another feature generously handed out by PlayStation now. The progression in the game can be saved in cloud ready to be severed up from where you left off.

The date for the new service hasn’t been revealed nor has the company disclosed any further information as to whether the availability of the service will be available outside U.S. and Canada. Rumors have it that in the Consumer Electronics Show 2015, which is to be held in January, Samsung will be showcasing the Smart TVs alongside the the PlayStation Now which in turn can play games without a Playstation.