Prevent Data Loss - Benefits of Data Recovery Software

Prevent Data Loss - Benefits of Data Recovery Software

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 13 March 2018, 10:59 Hrs
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Have you ever been in a situation or asked by someone how to recover deleted or lost photos, videos or files?

No need to worry! You can recover your deleted or lost photos and videos by using data recovery software.

Data recovery

Data recovery is a process in which software retrieved the inaccessible data from a storage device. The primary job of this software is to scan the storage medium to find the lost data.

Working of data recovery software

When you create a file, its location as well as the detail of file is saved in FAT (File Allocation Table) and MFT (Master File Table).

When you delete a file, its record from MFT and FAT is also removed, but it is physically present on the hard drive. Data recovery software locates such file and stores it.

What not to do?

It is suggested that you stop using the storage device, when you lose the data. You can use storage device after you run recovery software and regain all missing files.

Sectors in which lost file is stored are marked as writable by the operating system. In case new data is stored on these sectors, the recovery of the old file becomes irrecoverable.

Benefits of Data recovery software

1.      The plus point of having such software is that it can recover your data from any kinds of storage device, it may be system hard drive or other external storage media.

2.      Data lost from the digital camera, memory card, iPad, etc., can also be recover by using data recovery software.

3.      This software can help you to recuperate corrupted and lost data in a matter of minutes.

Tips to prevent Data loss using data recovery software

         1.   You should install good quality antivirus. Run antivirus scan on a regular basis.

         2.   Scan all mail and downloaded file for virus and other malware.

         3.  Take regular backups of all critical data.

R-Photo free file recovery feature can recover your lost photos and videos from the deleted, damaged, formatted disk, or even more from the partition of the unsupported file system.

It can be vital for any business, office or home computer systems. It supports all the photos and videos file format, including raw digital photo and modern video file formats.

This software is free for non-commercial recovery of your lost data. It does not require any registration and also has automatic lifetime updates features for it users. You can purchase and download software from its manufacturers' website without any hassle and can avail it for lifetime support and utilization. 

When people lose their files, they get worried and confused. Try to stay calm. Firstly, if you have taken a backup, recover all your data from the backup.

If you haven’t taken backup. There are many premium and free data recovery software available online. You can download and install data recovery software on your system. It will retrieve all your lost files in few clicks.

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