OnePlus Two To Have Fingerprint Sensor Technology; Better Than Apple's

BANGALORE: OnePlus has confirmed that the new OnePlus Two will be equipped with the fingerprint sensor technology according to post on OnePlus Forum. The post said “Guys, you guessed it right: the 2 will come with one of the latest and most advanced fingerprint sensors out there.”

So the initial expectations of the flagship were raised by leaps and made people wait more eagerly of its arrival. The company was reported saying that they could have implemented the technology in OnePlus One itself, but felt that the time was not right and the technology had some things to be cleared to make it more effective, reports firstpost.

Also it was claimed that the new finger print sensor technology will be better than what Apple has incorporated in its iPhones. OnePlus didn’t wanted to be just another company added to the list which had used the technology, but wanted to come up with something new and unique.

The password which you type in takes 3 seconds every time and on an average a man checks their phone 200 times a day, which makes an hour of your schedule wasting in inputting password. So it is yet to see how OnePlus will improvise the technology and its concerns of security of our most personal device.

Though how many technologies are implemented the important factor will be the price as customers are expecting it to be in the range of OnePlus One or just above it.


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