Linkedin Behind Twitter In Popularity Amongst Salespeople

Linkedin Behind Twitter In Popularity Amongst Salespeople

Thursday, 28 May 2015, 10:40 Hrs
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NEW YORK: Twitter seems to be the favourite with salespersons as compared to LinkedIn, a new sales survey says.

The survey showed Twitter peaked ahead of LinkedIn on "social site used for sales process" in 2014.

Facebook was poised on the third slot, followed by Google+, reported.

Several analysts claim due to Twitter's laidback design, it allows salespeople to be informal but still maintain a professional attitude. This is good for sales, and then LinkedIn is used for ending successful business arrangements captured on Twitter.

This might not be good for LinkedIn, the business social network that wants to offer end-to-end business relations. If Twitter is the core component for people to move to LinkedIn, it means the business network needs Twitter to keep growing.

Still, LinkedIn on its own is a prominent network and is bound to continue growing as it adds new social and learning tools.

The recent acquisition of for $1 billion should add a good amount of tutorials and lessons to keep users inside LinkedIn, instead of using other services for users to build their portfolio and clientele.

LinkedIn had a bad quarter in the stock market after the acquisition of, announcing rather poor earnings and terrible future profits and revenue.

Twitter also dropped heavily this quarter, after an investor revealed the revenue and future projections a few hours after Twitter's expected earnings call.

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Source: IANS
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