IBM Watson available as translation service in Hindi

ibm watson IBM is ready to offer Watson language translator service in Hindi to individuals and businesses as its Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform Watson has learned its first Indian language, a top company official said on Monday.

"Watson Translator service offers multiple domain-specific translation models, can be customized and has the capability of translating documents ( MS Office files) while preserving their format," Karan Bajwa, Managing Director at IBM India, said in a LinkedIn post.

Unlike other language translator services, Watson with its cognitive capabilities understands Hindi or any other language along with its nuances and emotion, Bajwa pointed out. 

"Watson's deep learning methods help it understand words not just through their meaning but through how their meanings change in different contexts, and the frequency of these contexts which ensures that the translation accuracy of sentences is very high," he added. 

Available in API (application programming interface form), anyone can embed Watson translator service functionality to translate applications, websites, documents, chats, real-time messages and more.

The potential application of this service in areas such as education and healthcare is immense. 

"On the business side, this could change the way how retail, telecom, and banking sectors engage, where the customer connect is high and native language is a key differentiator," Bajwa said. 

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Source: IANS