How to create Brand Awareness using Social Media Platform

How to create Brand Awareness using Social Media Platform

Creating and maintaining a brand awareness is very critical. The more your brand get popular, the more sales you are going to make it from products or services. Social Media is one of the best platform to create brand awareness in short time.

Everyday there are more than 3 billion people are being connected in Social Media Platform. But the question is how do you get your brand to these billions of people? How to do draw attention of those millions of potential customers, who may buy your products of services?

Social Media Platform is huge but it’s not easy to reach out all the people and convince them to buy your products or services.

Here are few brand awareness creation tips using Social Media, I am sure you will like it and implement.

Always Use Visual Content To Draw Immediate Attention

In social media, most of the people are young mind and they don’t spend much time to read content. It’s always good to present a visual content on social media. People can relate easily and take immediate actions. According to BuzzSummo, Facebook post with an image create 2.3 times more than without the images.

Develop Unique Personality

When you are interacting in social media, be like a real person. Don’t put it on chatbots, soon people will understand it and will stop communicating. Be real, understand people, and their queries and try to address the problem, if you can.

Adopt Platform Oriented Approach

You cannot adopt same approach in every platform. For an example in Twitter, a small twit can do the job whereas in LinkedIn you need to publish a long and well research content to grab the attention. Depending upon the platform, you need to develop the content to reach people.

Never Publish Same Content Everywhere

Don’t use same content in every social media account. Your content should be unique for each social media account to influence more people and your content will be shared by many. Spend sometime to developing good engaging contents, never do copy page job.

Content is King

Create killer content to influence more people and create more engagements. If you don’t have the still, hire a good content develop and create great content. The content has to be meaningful, problem solving and should create engagements. You need to ensure your content has good value that people are looking for.

Create Unique Brand Style in All Channels

Create your unique brand style and try to maintain it in all accounts. You brand should have unique color, logo, design, tag line, etc. When someone sees it, they will immediately relate it. Ensure your brand has uniqueness across all social media accounts. Consistency helps people to memories your brand.

Follow Influencers

The social media influencers, who have got millions of followers. Understand their technique of communication and implement it. Learn how they are creating engagements and followers.

Explore Quora

Quora is one of the best social media platform where people talk about their problems. You will get ton of questions related to your nature of business. Answer each question related to your topics and create leads.

Join Groups

There are thousands of social media groups created, where people are talking about the specific topic. Join the relevant group and try to share your experiences over there and build relationships. A single post on a group can reach out to millions of people depending upon the group size. But sometime joining a group requires moderations.

Create Killing Infographics

As I said earlier, people love pictorial form of content. A good infographics can bring million of visitors to your page and create millions of followers. Hire someone who is good at creating infographics and create beautiful infographics.


Creating Brand Awareness is a continues work to be in the game. You should keep applying various strategies to create brand awareness. Social Media is one of the best platform to promote your brand and you can see the results fast. These 10 topics will definitely help you to establish a good brand value in the market.