Here are the Top Internet Security Predictions For 2015

BENGALURU: Internet security has become one of the main concerns these days as every form of business is now done online. So protecting the devices against all the malicious attacks turns out to be the most important things to be done. To protect yourself better here is a list of the Internet Security predictions for 2015 as compiled by the Business Insider and some inputs from the first post as well.

 # Mobile devices

With the vast popularity of Smartphones these days, the mobile devices have become one of the main targets for the online attacks. With the app store filled with apps for everything these days, even all the banks have apps for the users to make banking convenient for people making it an easy target for the hackers.

# Machine Learning

More people will tend to buy new devices and learn all the new technology which will change the trend completely making it easy for the users to shop and use devices to get anything. In the pretext of using the devices the main point of cyber security should not be forgotten.

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