'Gooligan' Breaks Into the Accounts of Over 1 Million Google Users

'Gooligan' Breaks Into the Accounts of Over 1 Million Google Users

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 06 December 2016, 05:20 Hrs
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BENGALURU: Reports based on a research conducted by the security firm Check Point Software Technologies suggests that ‘Gooligan’, a mass malware attack is believed to have gained access into more than one million Android devices. The attack campaign is a part of the Ghost Push family.

Explaining the entire scenario, the security firm states that ‘Gooligan’ is currently hidden in apps, and targets the devices of Android users downloading and installing the app via external links. Later, the malware roots the devices and installs authentication tokens to gain access to email accounts without even using a password. This gives an opportunity for hackers to view the users’ sensitive data stored on Google Docs, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive, G Suite, and the Google Play.

"This theft of over a million Google account details is very alarming and represents the next stage of cyber- attacks. We are seeing a shift in the strategy of hackers, who are now targeting mobile devices in order to obtain the sensitive information that is stored on them," says Michael Shaulov, Check Point's Head of mobile products.

The report further indicate that the mass malware attack has the ability to infect around 13,000 devices daily, effectively attacking devices operating on the Android Jelly Bean, Kitkat and Lollipop, which is, currently, 74 percent of the total devices being used. Furthermore, about 12 percent of these devices are located in Europe and 40 percent in Asia.

In a bid to control the situation, Check Point also offers a free online tool that allows users to ensure the level of security associated with their online accounts.

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