Delhi To Have The First AI-equipped Polling Booths

Delhi To Have The First AI-equipped Polling Booths

The polling stations will be equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI), for Delhi Assembly polls which are going to be held on Feb. 8 in a single phase.

FREMONT, CA: For upcoming Delhi Assembly polls, the Delhi Election Commission has announced that the February 8 Delhi Assembly polls will have almost 11 Artificial Intelligence equipped polling constituencies, one from each district in the national capital. The Delhi Election Commission also mentioned that digital photo voter slips are QR codes, which will time, which is wasted in finding out voters' names in the electoral rolls.

Delhi's Chief Electoral Officer, Ranbir Singh, said that for the first time, voters would be provided with digital photo voter slips, and the slips will have QR code. Previously to find the name in the electoral rolls, a lot of time was wasted, but this new technique will save time and effort. The eleven constituencies where this facility will be installed are yet to be finalized.

The digital photo voter slips can be downloaded easily from the Voter Helpline mobile app, which is an experimental feature, only available to those who link their mobile numbers with the app. For this time, it is an experiment, and if it becomes successful, they will set up more such booths next time. Recently the same technology was used in the five-phase Jharkhand Assembly elections held in November-December last year.

On the digital photo voter slip, there will be a QR code that will be scanned at the polling booth having the facility. Still, voters are supposed to carry one identity card with them. The other new thing which is going to happen for the first time is that voters can carry their mobiles inside the polling booth up to the polling official using the booth app and can use it in place of the printed copy.

Delhi Assembly polls will be held on February 8 in a single phase, while the counting of votes will take place on February 11.