Chinese Network Security Lab Offers Bounty for Cyber Attacks

Chinese Network Security Lab Offers Bounty for Cyber Attacks

A Chinese network security laboratory has proposed a 24-hour online testbed, welcoming cyber attacks from any individual or organisation globally.

The permanently online and globally open testbed, which is called Network Endogens Security Testbed (NEST), would accept public tests with a total reward of 1.5 million yuan ($2,18,000), according to the Purple Mountain Laboratory for Network Communication and Security.

The Nanjing-based laboratory said Wednesday that authorised users can get corresponding bounties based on their test results, the Xinhua news agency reported.

Current network security relies on software patches or anti-virus programmes, which is like taking pills after getting ill, said Wu Jiangxing, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

As the proposer of Cyber Mimic Defence Theory, Wu said the next generation information technology should be equipped with improved "autoimmunity" in the first place.

Wu said that NEST could effectively suppress security threats caused by hidden vulnerabilities or virus Trojans without relying on external defence measures. The more it is attacked, the more protective experience it can accumulate.

NEST will provide a global public test platform for all kinds of network equipment and information systems to measure their security indicators, and offer skill training for network security practitioners, according to the laboratory.

"Whether the network is safe or not, hackers have a say. They are also welcomed to challenge it," Wu said.

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Source: IANS