Automated Medicine Dispensing Machines To Be Introduced Soon

BANGALORE: The Madhya Pradesh government is planning to take free medicine distribution to next level. The state health department is going to introduce medicine dispensing machines, which resembles ATM machines. This new technology invention will be able to read the prescription and dispense the medicines, reports TOI.

In order to check the credibility, the new medicine dispensing machines will be introduced in five of the rural healthcare centers in Betul district mostly in July. This district is almost 180km far from the Bhopal. These machines will be guided by a local medical worker and is also complemented with the capacity to detect patients’ blood pressure and pulse levels with the help of equipment installations.

 The machine will serve as a medium to communicate patients’ health status and prescribe medications accordingly by the healthcare workers by consulting with telemedicine doctors. The scheme has been introduced at the behest of Central Medical Services Society (CMSS), a central procurement agency under Union ministry of health and family welfare (MOHFW). State health department has 8,764 sub-centers, 1,157 primary health centre (PHC) and 334 community health centers (CHC). It is estimated that nearly 600 odd PHCs are functioning without a doctor and about two dozen CHCs do not have a 'single' doctor.

The machine will also have the facility to save the details about the patients which can be used for reference purpose in future. With the initiation of these machines in rural areas these might be a solution for the lack of hospital facilities. Initially, only the basic generic drugs will be available in the machines.

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