6 m-Gov Applications Where Telcos Can Extend Reach of e-Gov in India

BENGALURU: From paying bills to ordering food everything has gone mobile and one can only say that communication process from here on will become more efficient than what we saw a decade back. With Centre & state Governments flexing its muscles in e-Governance, Telecom industry is one such relevant sectors that can help government reach to its citizens in an effective way and here are some of the areas where telcos can serve as effective partners, reports ET.

Traffic Challan Automation

In India, paying traffic challans is customary. The number of times we miss traffic rules is the number of times we are destined to pay challans. Automating this whole challan process might be a savior to every citizen and it makes it easy to keep a track of record for both traffic police and citizens.

Video Surveillance with Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Video Surveillance with Vehicle Tracking Solutions will be a huge step taken to control city traffic in effective manner. Especially tracking healthcare services like ambulance, VIP escort vehicles and so on to clear the traffic ahead of its arrival in the area. This will help ensure their safe, smooth and speedy movements with minimal disruption to other traffic.

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