6 Technological Glitches That Annoy Us the Most

BENGALURU: The rapid technology growth and all the devices designed to make our lives easier might have made us happy and enjoy the moment. But, there are some things that have annoyed most of us. ET picked out the 6 most common technological glitches which annoyed us all the most:

Headset Volume controls  # Headset Compatibility Issues

This is one issue that almost all of us face when we try plugging in our normal earphones into the phone. Apparently, all the Smartphones come with a 3.5 mm port but all of them are not the same.

The ports are off the same size which allows you plug in any stereo headset, but the real problem is when you can’t use the ear phones with a volume or playback controls from a different brand on your Smartphone.

This occurs because the headset jacks normally have three or four contacts which are separated by little plastic bands. There are 3 connector jacks called the TRS— tip, ring and sleeve for different contacts and in some cases there are four too. The problem is caused because the connector’s height differs for different phones.  

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