5 Tricks Every Android User Should Know

BANGALORE: Android itself is a cool platform and easy to use, indeed they are plenty of rooms for customization. There are some easy steps to make your android experience far better than ever. It’s as easy as making a folder; moreover you don’t need to mess into any bulky apps to maintain your Android smartphone.

Beyond personalizing your phone, just follow these simple ways to keep your phone neat and organized with ample of battery life to last all day, as compiled by The Business Insider.

1. Use A Third-Party Keyboard App

Everyone types a little differently, and there come up a need of a keyboard flexible according to your hands. There are plenty of keyboard apps to choose from in the Google Play store. Swype, for instance, lets you type by swiping to each letter rather than typing.  

The stock keyboard that comes on a device is usually acceptable; explore the best third party keyboard for Android options and hopefully that will help you to pace up while operating your android phone.

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