5 Trends That Will Change The Face Of Computing In 2015

4K Monitors to go mainstream: If you are wondering what 4K monitors are, just know that it has to do with the resolution of a computer or TV screen.  4K resolution is the highest form of resolution you can find in the market. It is absolutely amazing but the product prices of 4K monitor were too much. However, this year the prices are expected to drop. There is also news that new breed of frame syncing monitors will be released in the market which is the ultimate monitor to own if you are a hardcore gamer.

Biometric sensors: Biometrics wasn’t as popular but experts are of the opinion that this is going to change this year. They will be used in computers and other gadgets making the way you  shop or log in and out of your computers. This will also protect your devices from third party hacking or stealing of information. There is a new system in play where the biometrics technology has been incorporated to the touchpad on a laptop. This is going to change a lot of things in the computing world.

Chromebooks:  One of Google’s masterpieces is the chromebook laptops that run on Google’s chrome-OS. These laptops are said to have a wider market this year and that they will also be coming out with better features. One of the highlights of Chromebooks is that they are directly linked to cloud. This is going to be a huge competition to see which operating system is going to be the choice of the people in 2015.

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