4 Benefits of Facial Recognition that Makes it a Valuable Technology

4 Benefits of Facial Recognition that Makes it a Valuable Technology

In the present scenario, the increasing crime rates raise several questions on the safety and security of our country. Security has slowly turned out to be a major concern for our society. To address this problem, the government of India has decided to adopt facial recognition technology. This technology brings in several other benefits for the country, and here are few such benefits.

Provides Robust Security

This biometric technology identifies human faces using a person's facial nodal points and expressions. Thus, using this technology, the crime branch can recognize the criminals easily, which would eventually reduce the crime rates in the country. This technology could be used to identify the terrorist to avoid significant problems. Facial recognition technology's most prominent advantage is that it cannot be hacked as there are no entities to either rob or modify. Furthermore, this technology restricts unauthorized access, as well. Facial recognition is not password-protected, as it's only accessed through a person's face, and thus, the system limits unauthorized access.   

Processes Instantly

This system identifies a person's face spontaneously, and it is quite beneficial. The ever-growing cyber-attacks require fast and secured technology. The facial recognition is one such technology that provides instant but accurate verification of a person. In less than a second, the camera can identify a person, and it further ensures that the image clicked matches with the image in the record.

Automated Identification

Earlier, the verification process was carried out manually by matching the IDs with the individuals. This was a laborious process and accuracy was also a matter of concern. The facial recognition has dramatically changed the system with a faster and efficient verification process. Alongside, the 3D facial recognition technology using the infrared cameras has drastically improvised the level of facial recognition accuracy.

Easy Assimilation & Cost Effective

The facial recognition technology is very easy to integrate into the existing systems. It would not cost any extra charges for installations as it is compatible with most of the security software. Thus, facial recognition technology is cost-effective.

Facial recognition is a very powerful technology that scrutinizes the security at a fast pace. This technology brings in a lot of advantages for the government and the other end users; it helps them to strengthen their security and decrease the crimes.