3i Infotech Ventures into New Biz Segments

3i Infotech Ventures into New Biz Segments

3i Infotech Limited, a global Information Technology intends to accelerate business transformation, has ventured into new business segments: Cloud First, Digital Business Services, Digital Transformation Consulting and NextGen Business Services; while on the operations side, it has created new marketing, revenue assurance and strategy process.  3i Infotech with its new innovative technology solutions including Cloud First NuRe offerings, BPaaS & KPaaS platform solutions, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Industrial IoT, 5G powered Cognitive Computing and Blockchain services will look to pave the way for digital transformation in all businesses. 

Being debt free with a low equity base gives the company a good opportunity and room for expansion that will fuel future growth. With a strong sales funnel and order book pipeline, 3i Infotech looks to close the year on a high and achieve revenue of upwards of Rs 850 crore by next year. The new management led by MD & CEO, Thompson Gnanam is poised to grow the business exponentially with a set target to reach a billion dollar in revenues by FY2030.  

Thompson Gnanam, Managing Director & Global CEO, 3i Infotech Limited says, “FY22 is truly a year of transformation for 3i Infotech across all fronts, whether it’s corporate governance, business model, strategy, and financial standing. As a company we will continue to build products, platform services leveraging the power of 5G cognitive in edge computing, cognitive AI, ML, data science, analytics and Blockchain. We are heavily invested into cloud and our exclusive partnership with Oracle will go a long way in bringing in our best-of-class products to the market. We plan to make cloud edge ready and reduce cloud cost by 20% and provide a secure cloud technology for our customers. We also plan to develop micro data centers.”

Thompson further adds, “the focus for the new 3i Infotech is on strengthening the foundation, with the product business now carved out and the services business being the mainstay. One of the key interventions, also in line with the new Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) policies, is to bring in all the best practices, and build an organization based on transparency, trust and integrity. The company has done proactive provisioning for doubtful and slow-moving debts, performance bonus etc. in this quarter. There has been an effort to completely clean-up legacy carry- forward issues and insulate the RUN business this quarter. And if you look at it – it is a balanced scorecard, with our normalized EBIDTA being positive in H1 FY22.” 

The new mantra adopted by 3i Infotech is hinged around – Innovate, Incubate and Invent, wherein ‘Entrepreneur in Residence’ will be a key program for entrepreneurs to join hands with 3i Infotech and invent new value creating intellectual property. The company will look to incubate and accelerate startups as white-labeled technology to fuel new services lines and build new IPs. The company’s objective would be to focus on higher revenue with systematic change in revenue mix focusing aggressively on top line and higher revenue generating service offering.