3 Tech-Induced Medical Advancements Gaining Traction



Telemedicine, also known as telehealth or virtual healthcare, this technology connects the doctor and patient within minutes for consultation. The main advantage of this technology, is the patients can skip the long waiting outside the consultation room and not to forget the tedious traffic to reach the hospital. This application provides one of the best services even to the patients living in remote areas of the country. For instance, a renowned cardiologist in Bangalore can diagnose the patients in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, which would be short of expert cardiac services. In this way, the patient need not travel to Bangalore for very consultation as he/she would be directly connected to a reputed specialist, and after all the basic consultations and formalities the patient can travel, only if he/she has to undergo a surgery. Moreover, the post-surgery follow-ups are also carried out via telemedicine, which would cut down the patient's burden. According to sources, it is noticed that about 16 percent of patients had the need to visit their doctors after the treatment through telemedicine, thus, 84 percent of patients have found it effective.