10 Supportive Tech For Disabled People

BANGALORE: Technology has taken us through all rounds of inhibitions, helping us and getting helped to make the world a better place to live. Help will be deemed efficient if and only if the persons in need are served. Like the people with disabilities need to be helped, so here are some techies rescuers the stand out in their service, reports Hongkiat.


The world’s first Braille Smartwatch is the affordable solution than the regular e-Braille devices. The device works through the four sets of dots that are on the panel, which sprout up according to the words that come in messages, chats and e-mails.

The four sets have six dots each which will rise or lower to make four letters that will convey the relative message. The device is connected via Bluetooth and all the e-mails or messages can be translated directly.


Talkitt is an innovative app that lets people with speech and hearing disorders communicate with others. The app basing on the vocal signals convert unintelligible speech into meaningful words so that the other person can understand what he/she is saying.


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