10 Social Networking Apps You Cannot Live Without

BANGALORE: People are so engrossed with their phones these days that we wonder what is captivating them to the screen; when phones are used to make calls and maybe send a message when required.

Well with the pace technology is riding on, there is so much to do and so many apps that keeps them fixed to the screen. So what are these apps? What’s so interesting in them? Well here are some of these apps that make life interesting and connection with friends easier, as compiled by Business Insider.


The app that changed the way we message, Whatsapp has taken the social networking platform by storm. So it comes with no surprise when Facebook pitched to buy Whatsapp for not less than $19 billion and sealed the deal this year.

This app lets you message privately or in groups and also allows you to share almost anything, be it, music, videos or pictures. The user base is increasing everyday allowing international messaging free. This is available for any operating system on phones for free.


 This app was created by Stanford university students as a way to share videos, pictures and also allows one to message though not very extensively. Now the app has come out with a new feature which allows one to share pictures in story format.

Pictures and videos can be weaved together and posted as a status of sort. This is the best app for visual communication.

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