10 Must-Have Apps for the Stylish College Students


The world is going digital. So, are these smart kids. Convert those kgs of books to a few grams and carry them with you everywhere. All those books from international publishers, which are usually priced exorbitantly, will certainly cost less on the Kindle Store.

Google Maps and Navigation

College kids and youngsters love travelling to new cities and seeing the world. Google Maps helps the youngsters find the right routes in other cities, or reaching the party venue on time.


Whatsapp, the free messaging app is the latest fad. The app allows personal as well as group chats and helps youngsters stay connected, discuss everything with friends and share latest happenings through images, videos and voice chats.


 Impromptu parties and get-togethers are fun but organizing such events can be a task. Scootsy’s home delivery speeds it all to your doorstep on a platter - within an hour, with a delightful experience! There’s even a cool section for SOS products for those 24 hour essentials – that lets you enjoy the parties uninterrupted!


Taking notes in lecture is tough and doing that after an all-nighter can be a pain. Evernote is a cross-platform hugely popular app that helps taking notes, use images and voice notes as well. Use this app to save your efforts on those lazy days!

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