10 Jaw Dropping Facts about the Biggest Game Publisher 'Activision'

BANGALORE: It’s pretty evident that Activision holds the vault for majority of blockbuster games released today.

From ‘Destiny’ to the reign of "World of Warcraft” to the supremacy of "Call of Duty”- these alone that barely scratches the surface. It is reckoned that Activision takes the crown for largest game publisher in the world.

The behemoth lord of the gaming world has recently seized ‘King,’ the company behind "Candy Crush," for an estimated $5.9 billion. Activision possesses and produces some of the most respected games on consoles "Call of Duty”, PC "World of Warcraft," "Hearthstone" and "Candy Crush" – as of today, on mobile devices, reports Tech Insider.


Here are some mind-blowing facts about Activision, clearly who is known to be the biggest game publishers in the world:

Activision retains some of the best games in their respective genres. Some of the games from the roster include “Call of Duty," "Destiny “and “Skylanders".



This certainly goes without saying that apart from Activision's leading franchises such as "Guitar Hero" and "Tony Hawk", the lesser known games are still mainstream and are doing quite well.



By June 2015, Activision will mark just under $4.5 billion in obtainable cash, that which is an adequate amount to purchase around 75 million copies of "Destiny".



$3.6 billion was retained in "offshore" accounts to buy over King. The remaining $2.3 billion is taken from a loan, Goldman Sachs and the Bank of America Merrill Lynch.



"Destiny" launch on September 9, 2014, sold around 7 million copies within the first month.



What’s more is that Activision signed $500 million bond contract for 10years to bring out "Destiny" and several other games with development house Bungie.



Considering a hypothetical scenario, if “Destiny" so happened to fail, (very unlikely probability) Activision will still run smoothly, as the company has already generated $990 million revenue within a span of the last quarter.



With the newest edition ‘King’ in its possession, Activision now looks over one of the leading active game user bases across the globe overseeing around half a billion monthly active users in 196 countries- that clearly surpasses the population of the United States.



At present, Activision and King collectively employ around 9,100 people across two continents alongside two dozen game studios.



On an annual basis, Activision-owned Blizzard Entertainment showcases a convention commonly known as "BlizzCon" which sells out nearly instantly, last year comprising of 26,000 people attendees.



BONUS: The CEO of Activision Bobby Kotick isn’t just tied to the high-powered executive operation, he is also known for making an appearance in  the  (2011) film, "Moneyball." How does this piece of information serve in any relation you say?

Possibly not.. in regards to facts about Activision, however, it does make up for sheer entertainment right?



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